Board of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Accredited Professional Organization (APO)

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SONAME)
c/o Great Southern Maritime
2nd Floor, T.M. Kalaw Center,
667-A T. Kalaw Avenue,
Ermita, Manila
Tel No.:  536-1108
Telefax:  523-3356
Re-accredited: Res. No. 2009-510 dated May 12, 2009

Like most organizations, the Philippine Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (PANAME) started as a small group of fresh graduates who recognized the need to band together not only to disseminate or discuss technical matters but also to maintain the professional status of naval architecture and marine engineering in the country.

PANAME was originally a fraternity of third year students, the first group of students enrolled in the naval architecture and marine engineering course of NAMEI Polytechnic Institute, the only school offering the course in 1950s. The fraternity, which was named Sigma Nu Alpha, the Greek for Society of Naval Architects was formed in 1950 upon suggestion of Mr. Artemio Q. Posadas, then professor in Strength of Materials.

With the formation of PANAME, the members felt the need for a law that will govern the practice of naval architecture and marine engineering. Geronimo R. Cruz, PANAME’s first president, headed the committee that drafted the constitution and by-laws of the Association.

In 1965, the draft was passed by Congress and signed by President Diosdado Macapagal. Through the concerted efforts of G. R. Cruz, Eriberto Sarmiento and the other officers of the association, Republic Act No. 4565 was signed into law. The association is promoting the exchange of technical information and data by holding meetings and seminars. By these means, a lot of invaluable technical data becomes available to members who may not have the facility or the time to obtain them. Through technical meetings, the association becomes stronger and more united in various undertakings.

Right now, the association is the nucleus of local classification society. The Philippine Register of Shipping, a classification of Society like American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register of Shipping and Nippon Kaiji, to name a few, which promulgate and enforce rules for the building and classing of vessels, whether self-propelled or non-selfpropelled. Accredited by PRC as the national professional organization of naval architects and marine engineers on August 13, 1975, the Association is a member of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC).

Today, it has approximately 400 members nationwide.

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