Board of Medical Technology

Board Law

Republic Act No. 5527
“Medical Technology Law”

Section 1. Title.— This Act may be also cited as the Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969.

Section 2. Definition of Terms.— As used in this Act, the following terms shall mean:

a. Practice of Medical Technology – A person shall be deemed to be in the practice of medical technology within the meaning of this Act, who shall for a fee, salary or other compensation or reward paid or given directly or indirectly through another, renders any of the following professional services for the purpose of aiding the physician in the diagnosis, study and treatment of diseases and in the promotion of health in general:

  1. Examination of tissues, secretions and excretions of the human body and body fluids by various electronic, chemical, microscopic, bacteriologic, hematologic, serologic, immunologic, nuclear, and other laboratory procedures and techniques either manual or automated;

  2. Blood banking procedures and techniques;

  3. Parasitologic, Mycologic and Microbiologic procedures and techniques;

  4. Histopathologic and Cytotechnology; provided that nothing in this paragraph shall inhibit a duly registered medical laboratory technician from performing histopathologic techniques and procedures.

  5. Clinical research involving patients or human beings requiring the use of and/or application of medical technology knowledge and procedures;

  6. Preparations and standardization of reagents, standards, stains and others, provided such reagents, standards, stains and others are exclusively for the use of their laboratory;

  7. Clinical laboratory quality control;

  8. Collection and preservation of specimens; Provided, That any person who has passed the corresponding Board examination for the practice of a profession already regulated by existing law, shall not be subject to the provisions of the last four preceding paragraphs if the performance of such acts or services is merely incidental to his profession.


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