Board of Foresters


The forestry profession is considered one of the oldest professions in the Philippines. It dates back to an era when the Spanish government organized in the Philippines a forestry service known as the “Inspeccion General de Montes” under the “Direccion General de Administracion Civil” with personnel from the forest service in Spain.

During the American occupation, the Forestry Bureau was created through General Order No. 50. When the Philippines gained independence in 1946, the first Filipino forester, the Director of Forestry Service during the American period was re-appointed to his position. At that time, the interest to professionalize forestry in the Philippines gained momentum after it was halted during the Japanese occupation.

In the 1960s, the Society of Filipino Foresters (SFF), which was organized in 1948, made strong representation in Congress for the passage of the Forestry Modernization Bill. On June 19, 1971, their efforts paid off when President Marcos signed into law Republic Act No. 6239 or “The Forestry Profession Law,” creating the Board of Examiners for Foresters. In the ensuing year, the Code of Ethics for Foresters was formulated and approved. The Board, composed of Jose Viado as Chairman with Nicolas P. Lansingan and Faustino C. Francia as Members, conducted the first foresters licensure examinations on the same year.

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