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PRC@ 48th: A Successful Virtual Celebration

Honorable Chairman Teofilo S. Pilando Jr. together with Honorable Commissioners Yolanda D. Reyes and Jose Y. Cueto, Jr. led the weeklong virtual celebration of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) 48th founding anniversary on June 16-22, 2021 with the theme “Role of Filipino Professionals in Sustaining National Development and International Collaboration amidst Global Challenges”.

Through the years, the PRC as an organization tested and nurtured by time, has been faithful to its mandate to ensure the country of a steady supply of competent, quality, and globally competitive professionals through reliable and credible licensure examinations, an efficient and effective regulatory system, and a responsive continuing professional education and development programs. And this year’s founding anniversary celebration seals the more than four (4) decades of excellent and dedicated service to the Filipino professionals and the nation in general.

Regardless of the number of years an organization is celebrating, there are variety of ways to

mark an anniversary, just like what the Commission did.

PRC Got Talent

It ain’t fun without the kick of showing what you’ve got. This day, PRC employees and Professional Regulatory Boards Chairmen/Chairpersons and Members, including representatives of the various Accredited Professional Organizations (APOs) / Accredited Integrated Professional Organizations (AIPOs), and other agency partners and stakeholders served their not-so-hidden vibratos in singing and dance moves in TikTok contests.

Singing Contest:

1st Placers:      Ms. Michelle Loise Saquido-Marcial, Mr. Denzel R. Aquino, and Ms Pamela Joy Balagot

(International Affairs Office)

2nd Placers:     Ms. Jainnabella C. Salvador and Mr. John Adrian J. Malagotnot (PRC Regional Office I)

3rd Place:         Ms. Grace Romero (PRC Regional Office XIII)

TikTok Contest for the PRBs:

1st Place:         Hon. Lani T. Palmones (Board of Criminology)

2nd Place:        Hon. Gervacio I. Piator (Board of Accountancy)

3rd Place:         Hon. Cora Romero (Board for Sanitary Engineer)


Spearheading the webinar series featured on the Philippine Association of the Professional Regulatory Board Members (PAPRB) Day is Dr. Karl Evans Henson,  an Adult Infectious Disease Specialist of the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, with his lecture on Lessons Learned After One Year of Covid-19.

Giving another streak of equally-relevant talk is PRC’s very own Honorable Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Dentistry, Dr. Maria Jona D. Godoy on her lecture on “Oral Health Care amidst the Pandemic”.


Esteemed professionals gathered as the Philippine Federation of Professional Association (PFPA) conducted its 2021 forum on the “Role of Professionals in Healthcare Systems Improvement”.

This year’s PFPA sponsored webinar/forum covered lectures on the “Current Situation of COVID-19 Cases and Home Management”, “Current Diagnostics Strategy for COVID-19 Patients”, “Problems and Challenges in Hospital Settings during COVID-19 Pandemic”, and on “Nursing Care for COVID-19 Patients”.

EAROPH Free Webinar Series 3 of 2021

Sponsored by Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Incorporated, the Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements Philippines finally made onto its Webinar Series 3 of 2021, with the strong and competent leadership of PRC’s very own Commissioner and President of 2021 EAROPH International, Hon. Yolanda D. Reyes.

PRC Webinar Session

On the actual day of its 48th Founding Anniversary and in light with the continuous COVID-19 restraints, PRC initiated a timely webinar entitled “Thriving in a Flexible Work Environment”, tackled by Ms. Rinah Rivero. Indeed, the pandemic has paved way for us to adopt a faceless communication, and this webinar focused on how employees coped and embraced the adoption of technology as part of employees’ daily lives.

PRC Recognition Day

This event honored the officers and staff who have reached milestone years in their services to the Commission, as well as the employees who have performed well for the year.

Leading the awardees were the recipients of Loyalty, Academic Achievement, Perfect Attendance, Retirees, Former Professional Regulatory Boards, and Posthumous awards. In the afternoon, all the amazing individuals of the PRC family once again hit the spotlight as another set of contest was held to showcase everyone’s talents.

Video Contest:

Collector’s Story:

1st Place:         Ms. Cheyenne E. Gerodias (PRC Regional Office XII)

2nd Place:        Ms. Sarah M. Ducat (PRC Central)

3rd Place:         Mr. Jerico O. Espada (PRC Regional Office VIII)

What’s Your Story:

1st Place:         Ms. Jarell B. Fusingan (PRC Regional Office XII)

2nd Place:        Mr. Eduardo F. Tadeja (PRC CAR)

3rd Place:         Ms. Jesseca R. Astoveza (PRC Central)

Dance Contest:

1st Place:         PRC Regional Office I

2nd Place:        PRC Regional Office XI

3rd Placers:      PRC Regional Office XI and PRC Regional Office V

Creative Facemask:

1st Place:         Ms. Teresita M. Mata-Marañon (PRC Regional Office XI)

2nd Place:        Mr. Jordan Dizon Garcia (PRC Regional Office I)

3rd Placers:      Mr. Denzel R. Aquino (PRC Central)

                        Ms. May Ann S. Dela Cruz (PRC Regional Office I)

Social Media Contest:

WFH Set Up:

1st Place:         Mr. Bryan S. De Guzman (PRC Regional Office I)

2nd Place:        Mr. Cheryll P. Elicano (PRC Regional Office XIII)

Pet Co-Worker:

1st Place:         Ms. Darlene R. Udani (PRC Regional Office I)

2nd Place:        Mr. King John O. Milo (PRC Regional Office I)

Overall, the weeklong celebration not only strengthened the Commission’s mandate evidently, but also, brought smiles and hopeful deeds to its employees amidst the restraints brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.



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