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Guidelines on the Conduct the Professional Mechanical Engineers Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation Overseas

To ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of Professional Mechanical Engineers (PME) Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation overseas, the Professional Regulation Commission informs the concerned applicants of the following guidelines


  1. Application Process: All applicants shall apply and pay the examination fee via


  1. Application Fee: The same rate of examination fees for SPLE requiring a Baccalaureate Degree shall apply to the PME Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation applications overseas.


  1. Qualifications of Applicants for PME: Applicants for the PME Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation must establish to the satisfaction of the Board that:


    1. He is a citizen of the Philippines;
    2. He must not have been convicted by a court of law of a crime involving moral turpitude;
    3. He has a valid certificate of registration and he is a registered mechanical engineer and a holder of a valid professional license;
    4. He has graduated from an engineering school or college of recognized standing, after completing an approved course in Mechanical Engineering;
    5. He has a specific record of a total of four (4) years or more of active Mechanical Engineering practice, reckoned from the time he registered a Mechanical Engineering practice; and
    6. He is competent to practice, as attested to by at least two (2) Professional Mechanical Engineers.


  1. List of Documentary Requirements: The following documents must be submitted to the Board on the scheduled date of examination:


    1. Applicants for the First Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation:
      1. Duly accomplished Application Form;
      2. Notice of Admission;
      3. Photocopy of Transcript of Records (with or without a scanned picture and with or without the “For Board Exam Purposes” remarks);
      4. Photocopy of Valid Passport;
      5. Certificate of Competence under oath by a PME;
      6. Affidavit of the Applicant;
      7. Certificate of Experience under oath executed by his superior;
      8. A detailed description of Machineries and Equipment;
      9. List of designs (if any) undertaken with the supervision of a PME;
      10. Curriculum Vitae; and
      11. At least two (2) titles of proposed reports, each with a short write-up and table of contents. Reports must be pertinent, allied or relevant to the experience of the applicant.


    1. Applicants for the Second Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation:


      1. Technical Engineering Report (TER) which must be accompanied by the following:
        1. Duly Accomplished Application Form;
        2. Letter of Transmittal addressed to the Board;
        3. Affidavit of Applicant;
        4. Affidavit of Competency;
        5. Curriculum Vitae; and
        6. Certificate of Experience.


Additional notes:


  1. The TER must be in A4 size bond paper, typed double space, book bound, and with a hard cover in colors blue, maroon, black, green, or red while the accomplished application form, including copies of all supporting documents must be submitted using legal-sized bond paper. Photocopies of these documents shall be reduced to fit the legal-sized bond paper.


  1. The applicant must prepare five (5) sets of hard copies of the duly accomplished application form, the TER, and all other supporting documents mentioned above. Each set must have a corresponding soft copy and must be saved on three (3) USB flash drives.


  1. All documents must be originally signed by the applicant. Should an electronic signature be used, the applicant must provide evidence that it had been digitally signed by him.


  1. Conduct of the Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation: The two (2)–part oral examination/technical evaluation shall be administered by at least two (2) members of the Board.

The First Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation shall be made before the submission of the TER and shall deal with the evaluation of the qualification requirements of the applicant.

The Second Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation shall deal with the TER submitted by the applicant involving any field of practice in Mechanical Engineering, including the Mechanical Engineering Law and Code of Ethics.


  1. Release of Examination Results: The examination results shall be released not later than three (3) months from the date of the last oral examination/technical evaluation.

Except in meritorious cases, an applicant who failed to appear during the scheduled oral examination/technical evaluation shall be given a failing mark for the examination.

Any applicant who failed to pass the PME Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation may only apply for re-examination after the lapse of at least one (1) year from the date of notice of last failure.[1]


  1. During the conduct of the Oral Examination/Technical Evaluation, examinees are advised to observe proper decorum.


For queries and concerns, please email Licensure Office at

For updates on 2023 PME overseas, you may check the PRC website at    and follow PRC official social media accounts at     and


[1] Section 24, Rule V of Board Resolution No. 16 (s. 2021)



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