Board of Civil Engineering


On February 23, 1921, Public Act No. 2985 was enacted empowering the Secretary of Commerce and Communication to appoint members of the boards of the architecture and engineering professions. The Act, which contained very general provisions on the regulation of engineering and architecture, was later amended by Acts No. 3159 and 3182. On June 17, 1950, Republic Act No. 544 was enacted separating the regulation of the civil engineering profession from the coverage of Public Act No. 2985 and creating the Board of Civil Engineering. On June 16, 1956, the law was further amended by Republic Act No. 1582.

The Board held its first fully computerized examinations on May 29, 1993 and released the results on November 9, 1993. On February 28, 1995, the Syllabi for the Subjects in the Civil Engineering licensure examinations was promulgated.

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