Board of Veterinary Medicine


The practice of veterinary medicine in the country was first regulated when Public Act No. 2245 was enacted on February 11, 1913, creating the Veterinary Examining Board. Composed of members appointed by the Governor- General, the Board was placed under the administrative supervision of the Director of Agriculture.

With the enactment of Public Act No. 4007, the Board was placed under the Department of Agriculture and Commerce, and its members were appointed by the Department Secretary.

On June 18, 1949, P.A. 2245 was superseded by Republic Act No. 3892, otherwise known as “An act to Regulate the Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in the Philippines.” The Code of Ethics for the veterinary medicine profession was ratified by the members of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association, Inc. on its Annual Convention on February 23, 1992. The first Board was composed of Dr. Santiago Y. Rotea as Chairman and Dr. Faustino Turla and Dr. Anacleto B. Coronel as Members.

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