Board of Electrical Engineering


Pursuant to Public Act No. 2985 enacted on February 23, 1921, the first Electrical Engineering Board of Examiners was constituted to regulate the electrical engineering profession.

The law was later amended by Act No. 3159 approved March 8, 1924 and by Act No. 3182 enacted on November 17, 1924. Act No. 3182 mandated the Secretary of Commerce and Communications to appoint the Boards of Examiners for the Engineering, Accountancy and Surveying.

When Public Act No. 4007 was approved on December 5, 1932, the Board was placed under the administrative jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works and Communications.

On June 21, 1947, Republic Act No. 184 was enacted as the “Electrical Engineering Law” entitled “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Electrical Engineering in the Philippines, to Provide for the Licensing and Registration of Electrical Engineers and Electricians and for other Purposes.”

On February 24, 1995, R.A. 184 was amended by R.A. 7920, the “New Electrical Engineering Law.” Entitled “An Act Providing for a More Responsive and Comprehensive Regulation for the Practice, Licensing and Registration of Electrical Engineers and Electricians,” it provides for the composition, powers and functions of the Board, examination and registration of professionals, and the prohibitions in the practice of the electrical engineering profession.

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