• 635-2221

Board of Mechanical Engineering

Philippine Mechanical Engineering Act of 1998

Practice of Mechanical Engineering - A person shall be deemed to be practicing mechanical engineering or rendering mechanical engineering service within the meaning and intent of this Act when he performs the following:

  1. Consultation, valuation, investigation and management services requiring mechanical engineering knowledge;
  2. Engineering design, preparation of plans, specifications and projects studies or estimates for mechanical equipment, machinery, or processes of any mechanical works, projects or plants;
  3. Management or supervision of the erection, installation, alteration, testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment, machinery, or processes in mechanical works, projects or plants;
  4. Management, supervision, operation, tending or maintenance of any mechanical equipment, machinery or processes in mechanical work, projects or plants;
  5. Management or supervision of the manufacture, sale, supply or distribution of mechanical equipment parts or components;
  6. Teaching of mechanical engineering professional subjects in government recognized and accredited engineering schools; and
  7. Employment in government as a professional mechanical engineer, registered mechanical engineer, or certified plant mechanic if the nature and character of his work is in line with his profession requiring professional knowledge of the science of mechanical engineering.

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