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Fake transaction regarding renewal of license

Manila, January 6, 2016 --- The Professional Regulation Commission, in its commitment to attain excellence in service to the professionals reiterates its continuous warning to the public and its clientele regarding the proliferation of “fake transactions” specifically for renewal of licenses.

The modus operandi is that a person posing to be an engineer would leave a message on the professional’s social media account reminding him/her ”to settle authentications as soon as possible to avoid failure of markings on your renewal proceedings.” Moreover, an instruction for payment is also given to deposit to the bank account of certain Mr. Rodrigo F. Balaqui Jr., who is incidentally the Regional Director of PRC Tuguegarao and has no knowledge of the transaction.

The PRC conducted an independent investigation and found out that similar cases have happened to other professionals as well. This case has already been endorsed to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for further investigation. The various Professional Regulatory Boards (PRBs) have been notified regarding this matter.

Please be reminded that transactions regarding the PRC license are only allowed at the PRC Central Office, Regional Offices and authorized business centers of SM Malls. Other transactions through means other than those of the above-stated places unless otherwise authorized by the Commission itself, are deemed illegal hence, punishable under the law.

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